Let’s observe a moment of silence for the moderates, may they rest in peace. The Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez freight train is doing to the Democratic party above all, what Donald Trump did to the Republicans.

Trump Splintered the Republicans; Now AOC is Wreaking Havoc on the Democrats

Trump was able to redefine what it means to be a conservative because the modern-day GOP was merely a shell before he took that fateful escalator ride. The Trump campaign identified a core voter base to target with ideology and banked on the more conventional Republicans to step in line if they could pad their bank accounts with tax reform and a strong stock market.

Tribalism was also a key factor, as Trump advisors hoped that even if the bulk of the lawmakers disagreed with him, they just had to vilify the other side enough to secure a victory.

The president was correct, and ultimately his scorched earth tactics have changed the direction of the Republican party forever. It seems a similar revolution is taking place on the Democratic side of the aisle with Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

Just watch as Democratic voters gush about how much of a “badass” AOC is:

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