Bitsonar is a European investment company, located in Estonia. It was founded in 2016 by private investors as a family office for investing in cryptocurrencies. In 2017 the company created Echofund – a quantum investment fund employing algorithmic trading strategies. During its private stage, the company managed to leverage a $ 9 869 897 investment pool. Recently, in July 2019, it was announced that Echofund enters the public markets and starts attracting investors on a public domain Since July, the investment fund shows excellent traction – the investment pool increased by 20% as of today. 

In October, Bitsonar reached a significant milestone – a $ 10 mln investment pool contributed by investors! It is the indicator of that Bitsonar is viewed as a seasoned project since it manages to raise an estimated 10M support. The company is accelerating the pace and is intending to reach a $ 15 mln goal by 2020. 

“We earned in average 120% revenue per year for our private clients using artificial intelligence and genetic algorithms. We`ve been working for two years to improve our technology, achieve excellence over the market and now are ready to work for the new pool of public investors”, Marius Ziubka, Chief Executive Officer of Bitsonar

Marius Ziubka is an entrepreneur and CEO of Bitsonar. The company is led not only by private investors but also by other crypto industry opinion leaders. Among prominent experts engaged in the project is Pavel Lerner, former CEO of EXMO cryptocurrency exchange. His expertise helps our team of techies and analysts develop winning strategies that are the core super-power of Bitsonar trading bots. The users can also follow Pavel Lerner’s guides in a series of YouTube videos called LERNing

The public platform is simple to join for any user. Bitsonar gives a free three-day trading bot trial to everyone. All that the user needs to do is to sign up and choose the appropriate investment package. All invested funds are automatically added to the shared pool of the project. After that, unique trading algorithms make money. Over the last month, the number of users grew by 75.81%, reaching the 3100 total number of platform users! 

Bitsonar is a global platform and is available worldwide. Currently, there are users from 90 different countries with more to come soon. 

Bitsonar is a quantum cryptocurrency investment fund engaged in the development of risk-management algorithms aimed at ensuring the highest possible returns for Bitsonar investors subject to the lowest risk level.

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