Obviously, he is a scammer trying hard to look similar as the Blockchain’s Official Investment scheme but there isn’t anything like this ever before.

Many scammers are there, one of the most luring advert is ‘Earn through Bitcoin Mining from Antminer(S9)’.

In the name of Antminer(S9) many persons reaching out through various social platforms to you and giving jaw dropping ROI like 300% in 7 days but this is nothing but an assured scam.

First of all they will ask you if you have any BTC holdings.

Now they will say that they mining with any firm/locally with Antminer (S9) and they are looking more investors to connect with them.

They may send you a fake website to submit your details accordingly:

  1. Name
  2. Email
  3. State
  4. Country
  5. BTC address (to receive returns)

May be some more things.

Once done these steps, now two things.

Now they will send you address of company(fraud) to fund that address with btc minimum limit of 0.1btc( for example). This will be your investment.

• You will be asked to create new blockchain wallet.

• Now you have to send them your details(email and password) of the Newly created Empty Blockchain wallet saying they will connecting your wallet to their Antminers and once done connecting, you can change your Blockchain password.

• After doing this you will be asked to fund that wallet according to plans they have provided you.

• You will be assured to receive funds afterwards but what will you get is a block from those guys.

• Here is the main thing most of users don’t know and end up being a victim.

  1. Blockchain.info provides seed words that can be used in case you lost your credentials.

    1. When you created a new wallet and send them as to connect with Antminers. They note down your wallet seeds.

      1. After you changed password and funded your wallet thinking it is secured with a new password they can access it now with those ‘seed words’ and your wallet funds will gone forever.

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