Binance is teaming up with BOOSTO to explore more opportunities to increase the mass adoption of blockchain technology and the community-driven blockchain, Binance Chain, through BOOSTO’s robust influencer network across its ecosystem.

Singapore-based BOOSTO will migrate a portion of its “BST” token to Binance Chain, according to an announcement on July 1st, 2019 ( and will be listed onto Binance DEX after its listing proposal is approved by the Binance Chain validators.

BOOSTO, with its mission and current initiatives starting to disrupt the influencer marketing industry, is developing the world’s first influencer driven decentralized marketplace. It aims to break the monopoly of centralized app stores and connect brands and developers with influencers directly through a decentralized protocol. Its flagship product SocialBook boasts a network of more than 2 million influencers covering 2 billion fans globally. 

The SocialBook platform is built from the BOOSTO team’s experience running influencer campaigns for themselves and clients. Their extensive technology background combined with influencer marketing management experience has allowed to build the leading solution for companies to find the best influencers for their marketing campaigns. SocialBook is currently expanding its sales team increasing the use of the platform and BOOSTO tokens.

Future BOOSTO projects are already in development, such as: 

  • Supporting crypto currencies on SocialBook
  • Dynamic e-commerce platform for influencers to generate a new revenue stream
  • Outreach to dApp developers to build projects that are powered by BOOSTO

Binance is actively seeking to collaborate with blockchain projects that have real applications and sustainable business models through the Binance Chain ecosystem. BOOSTO stands out as a perfect example. Issuing BOOSTO on Binance Chain will increase the interoperability of BOOSTO token as well as further the adoption of Binance Chain. Meanwhile, BOOSTO is also exploring the possibility of building influencer dApps directly on top of Binance Chain due to its unique technical advantages and massive user base.

Binance and BOOSTO are leading their respective industries with continued development of new projects. Both Binance and Boosto are committed to long-term building, in efforts to constantly create value for the blockchain ecosystem. 

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