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Achieving success is arguably the hardest task for entrepreneurs. Most businesses are built to fail, not built to last. The statistics show that 60% of small businesses fail within the first 5 years, and only 1 in 10 businesses make it to 10 years post-launch. To fulfill their potential, small businesses need to lock down investment and surround them themselves with the best possible advisors.

In today’s economy, small business represents 95% of business worldwide. Unfortunately, they face fierce competition against major companies and other start-ups, which makes it difficult to grow, scale and thrive. These pain points have been identified by the Clarity leadership team, who have all built and sold multiple award-winning companies themselves. The four founding members are uniquely placed to deliver the Clarity vision and have advised thousands of entrepreneurs across the world with great success. As chartered accountants, the Clarity team understand small business owners, what they’re looking for from both technology and an advisor, and why accountants aren’t currently delivering. The Clarity platform will bridge this gap, powering the global economy.

Clarity are building THE global business advisory platform for small business owners. By using the power of both artificial intelligence and blockchain, Clarity will allow the 163 million small businesses around the world to take back control of their data, boosting their growth and helping them achieve their full potential. The platform will help them understand their numbers, how to make better decisions, build a better business and access the cash, finance, and investment they desperately need.

Clarity will bring together small businesses, accountants, advisors, and institutional investors; offering each a specific service to cater to their needs. For small businesses, Clarity will act as a one-stop shop for data, information that businesses can use to better understand their own analytics and rank themselves among competitors in a more effective way. The platform will also facilitate access to funding, information on business strategies for diverse aspects of the company and other features that will help businesses succeed.

As for accountants and advisors, Clarity will act as the link between customers, offering a marketplace of accounting services, adding apps through blockchain that will ensure the outstanding delivery of advisory solutions and service. And last but not least, institutional investors will have access to early-stage businesses, with full access to data through blockchain technology, allowing them to take part into any business of their choosing with minimum fees, more profits and less risk in investment decisions.

The Clarity platform will be fuelled by the CLRTY token, which enables subscribers to access the platform’s features. Clarity will be launching  40,000,000 CLRTY tokens in their public pre-sale on November 3rd, 2018 (12:00 UTC). With a two-stage pre-sale structure, Clarity will reward those who purchase early in the pre-sale, ensuring future demand for the CLRTY token through the mass global market of small business owners. Those who whitelist on will receive 2500 CLTRY / 1 ETH in round one, which drops to 1500 CLTRY / 1 ETH in round two. The general public Token Sale will start after the public pre-sale, selling 80,000,000 CLRTY tokens at a starting rate of 1000 CLRTY / 1 ETH.

The small business market is colossal and small business owners desperately need a platform like Clarity. There are massive bonuses and rewards for getting in early. Every token holder will receive a unique referral link and will get a 15% bonus for every token purchased using that link. And when Clarity goes live, each CLRTY token will have a minimum price of $2 on our platform. In addition, every token holder has the great opportunity to make the most of any undervalued Ether in today’s current crypto market.

There is no question that data is today’s gold. This platform will give every small business owner around the world clarity in their numbers, control over their data and the stepping stones to a successful business. 

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