By CCN Markets: Danny Knight, a Twitter user, posted a video of Craig Wright talking about when he first read about Bitcoin – in 2008.

In the 15 second video, Wright talks about reading about Bitcoin for the first time.

Bitcoin’s Several Futures

The tweet asks the obvious question: If you wrote the Bitcoin whitepaper and invented the thing, how could that be your first introduction to it?

Without passing judgment on Craig Wright’s claims to be Satoshi Nakamoto, objectively it’s a good question to ask. If you’re going to claim you’re Satoshi Nakamoto, how could some paper about identity in Bitcoin be your first introduction to the thing?

There have been other videos where Wright spoke questionably on the subject of Bitcoin or Satoshi Nakamoto. In one instance, he refers to Satoshi as another person. That video seems to have been taken down from YouTube.

Craig Wright’s Failed Evidence

Jumbled in with the failed evidence that Wright has submitted so far, it paints a worse picture than he might hope. Nevertheless, things seem to progress as he would like in the courtroom dramas he’s engaged in. People zeroed in on the case when a researcher raised the alarm that Wright had submitted an obviously false e-mail as court evidence in his defense against the Kleiman estate, who believes he stole his Bitcoin wealth from Dave Kleiman.

The story goes that some guys contacted Craig Wright in 2015 or so and asked him if he would be willing to come out as Satoshi Nakamoto. In exchange, they would pay his debts. The party line has evolved: he is Satoshi Nakamoto and can prove it; it doesn’t matter who Satoshi Nakamoto is; he is Satoshi Nakamoto, can prove it in court, and will sue everyone who calls him a fraud for saying so.

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