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Get Exclusive Analysis and Investing Ideas of Future Assets on Join the community today and get up to $400 in discount by using the code: “CCN+Hacked”. Sign up here.

Larnaca Cyprus, April 15, 2019.  PLC Player Loyalty Ltd. (PBET) is a Cyprus-based software company that provides innovative solutions to the gaming industry. We have successfully commercialized software products to more than 20 gaming venues. The PBET project is a unique innovation that addresses the convergence between physical and online gaming while allowing the generation of synergies between these channels, thanks to our “Unified Gaming Platform” that embeds cryptocurrency payments.

Studies, like the one conducted by Transparency Market Research, evaluates the total revenue generated from online gambling and sports betting to be worth US$ 96.89 bn. by 2024.

Physical casinos want of course to address this fast-growing market and keep their players’ gaming dollars within their own ecosystems.  Casinos failing to offer an online gaming solution to players will undoubtedly face the loss of players to aggressive competition. They want to tackle revenues from an online gaming segment while taking advantage of their local brand recognition.

We seek to implement our mission based on already commercialized and known products like Genuina, our physical casino management system that is currently deployed in more than 20 physical casinos within 4 countries. Thanks to our combined experience in physical and online gaming operations, we thoroughly understand industry challenges and have the technological readiness to deliver a benefit-driven online product to physical operators: the Unified Gaming Platform, creating cross-channels bonuses and promotional capabilities while supporting cryptocurrencies in both channels.

Our team of seasoned gaming industry professionals and experts have extensive experience in this sector. Having acted in casino operations in previous achievements, they have a profound knowledge of challenges that need to be addressed to allow physical casinos to take a market share of the continuously growing I-gaming sector.

Through our special approach of combining three pillars; Players, Pbet, and Physical casinos, we create tailored added value for each casino in order to take advantage of synergies generated from this entourage effect.  For instance, players and casinos benefit from zero transactional fees, instant payments and the benefit of remaining in the same ecosystem among others.  The Omni-channel PBET Reward Club enables partnerships within local network such as partners in the hospitality sector, thus increasing free offerings and complementary gifts to players while accelerating cross-selling opportunities. 

Our proprietary token, Pbet, is at the heart of our solution. It provides synergetic benefits from both physical and online gaming standpoint while being used by players, Reward Club members, affiliates, gaming studios as well as Prizes distribution.  

The Pre-ICO crowd sale begins on April 22nd ending on May 28, 2019.  During that phase we are pleased to announce that we are offering to our contributors a special limited time discount of 45% over the regular token price.  

The goal is to secure funding to develop advanced innovative modules and features of the Unified Gaming Platform including Rewards Club while accelerating the commercialization of our products.

For complete information including access to our White Paper, please visit:

Bassel Moukaddem, CEO

PLC Player Loyalty Ltd.

[email protected]

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