On February 15, the Dow Jones surged by 1.74 percent, adding 443.86 points. Within less than 1 month, the Dow Jones has recovered from 24,065 points to 25,883 points, by a staggering 7.6 percent.

The Dow pounded nearly 450 points higher by Friday’s close.

Analysts were uncertain how the Dow Jones would react to the reported plans of the Trump administration to delay the U.S.-Chian trade deal deadline by 60 days to May 1.

The prospect of a comprehensive trade deal may have significantly improved in the last 24 hours. Reports claimed corporate China has begun to face an increasing number of defaults, Didi plans to lay off 2,000 employees, and Xi Jinping commented that the U.S. and China are “inseparable.”

Xi Jinping Raises Hopes of U.S.-China Trade Deal

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