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Today Ember Fund is announcing 2 big partnerships:

  • The first is with Edge (Airbitz). Ember Fund has officially partnered with Edge and are now fully leveraging their SDK now to programmatically create and secure wallets. They have been working with Bitcoin industry veteran Paul Puey (CEO) and the Edge team for almost 1 year to build this.
  • Ember Fund has signed Marius Kramer as an ambassador and advisor. Marius is an influencer in the cryptocurrency space. Currently, he is the #1 writer on Quora worldwide for cryptocurrencies generating almost 1 million monthly views on his answers. Marius is also a Y-combinator advisor and has experience advising multiple high growth startups. Ember Fund launched a portfolio called the Marius 5 last week with his selection of coins, with more influencer branded portfolios to come.

Ember Fund, Co-Founder Alex Wang said:

“Ember fund is the easiest way in the world to invest in a portfolio/index of cryptocurrencies. Our vision is to build institutional-grade fund management technology and give it to anyone with a mobile device and $100.

What makes us different is that we wanted to preserve the most interesting and powerful property of blockchain technology: decentralization and self-custody

So, unlike most solutions out there, neither Ember Fund nor any third party will ever have access to user funds, only the user does.

We’re the first in the world to build something like this.”

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