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ETC Game, the popular prediction platform backed by Ethereum Classic, has announced that it has officially been renamed to Coingame. The name change highlights the addition of Ethereum, which can now be used to make predictions on the platform alongside Ethereum Classic. It is one of the many rebranding initiatives focused on offering a user-friendly prediction platform for the global community.

Coingame will remain loyal to Ethereum Classic and offer exclusive benefits and features to participants using ETC.

Coingame leverages smart contracts and blockchain technology to create a secure prediction platform, which currently offers international sports, eSports, and other prediction options. Already popular in Asia, it is now making inroads into the Western market.

Registration is simple, and members benefit from a few key advantages, one of them being QuickPredict – a convenient feature that allows users to make predictions on games instantly without having to pay a gas fee. At the time of prediction, funds are instantly transferred from the user’s Coingame account to a specific smart contract address. Once a prediction is complete, the smart contract will distribute the winnings among the successful participants. Predictions can also be made without registering an account by manually sending funds from an external wallet directly to the smart contracts.

Compared to other online sports prediction sites, Coingame differentiates itself in terms of security and transparency through smart contracts. Coingame will continue to update the platform with more games, features, and promotions, giving users a wider range of options in the future. The Coingame team is active across all social media channels, and you can follow them on Twitter, Reddit, Facebook, and Telegram.

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