NEW YORK — The fifth annual Consensus, the preeminent cryptocurrency, and blockchain conference powered by CoinDesk was held at New York Times Square from May 13th to May 15th, 2019. The themes of this year’s conference were business, market, and technology. Since 2015, Consensus has attracted all of the major players and investors in the cryptocurrency and blockchain world to gather and discuss the future of the industry. The conference is not limited to blockchain titans, however, as it also draws participants from the financial sector. Consensus 2019 attracted thousands of global talents, including blockchain industry leaders, Wall Street giants, Fortune 500 executives, along with partners and sponsors such as Deloitte, IBM, Microsoft, Ledger, eBay, Santander and CME Group.

GXChain, a top-3 public chain in China used its participation at Consensus 2019 to make its voice heard for the first time at a large-scale international finance, science and technology conference. Alex Ding, GXChain’s Director of International Business, delivered a speech titled, “Opportunities and Challenges for the Block Chain Industry of China and North American in the Next Five Years”, he mentioned in his speech: “With hundreds of projects underway, China & U.S. are reportedly leading the world in Blockchain Industry. It wouldn’t take much time for the Chinese and American markets to adopt blockchain nationally. Despite the fact the blockchain technology has great potential to be the infrastructure of the Internet in the future, it is facing lots of technical challenges both in China and the U.S.”  Alex also took the opportunity to announce that GXChain has officially launched the North American Developer Competition.

During the conference, GXChain had in-depth communications with many well-known projects globally. GXChain, together with Bitshares, formally agreed to undertake cooperation and exchanges on graphene 2.0 technology; while Celer Network, which focuses on off-chain scalability solutions and has performed well on the Binance, signed a strategic partnership with GXChain during the Consensus. Their cooperation includes building Celer’s off-chain expansion technology on GXChain, and offering low-cost, zero-delay development tools to DApp developers on GXChain to provide users with a greatly improved DApp experience. Meanwhile, both sides, who each boast a long-standing layout in Layer 2 field, confirmed their willingness to share more community resources to seek solutions based on Layer 2 status channel.

At the same time,  GXChain also appeared in social events and after parties during the conference, the Social Night on May 14th which was co-hold by GXChain,  NOVA and CoinTelegraph came with over 80 industry blockchain investors and entrepreneurs, including the popular speakers, scholars, and related token fund practitioners of the Consensus 2019. Besides the Conference, GXChain Global meetups came all the way through west coast, mid-America and arrived on New York on 15th, it has already reach various universities cooperate and have become the front line of the company’s international expansion.

Thanks to its outstanding performance at the conference, GXChain has greatly enhanced its international status and brand image and gained increased attention and acclaim for its global social media platform. There is no doubt that GXChain brand has made great strides along its path of internationalization,  and the company is set for a bright future as it leverages its unique assets and looks to keep developing in the exciting global market.

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