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As a modern technology, the internet has transformed people’s lives in many different ways, yet rapid changes in the industry have led to outstanding costs. In online tech development, the old saying “move fast, break things” has been dominating the market for over a decade. IoP, or the Internet of People, is a digital cooperative that is both leveraging blockchain and pioneering peer-to-peer technology to help connect and perform business operations free from any sort of obstruction or censorship and, at the same time, considerate of one’s digital privacy.  

On a global level, companies harvest a lot more information and data than they will ever need. Some are unable to store it securely, whereas others misuse it. Data breaches happen on a daily basis, not to mention that many governments force companies to disclose the private information of their users. Centralized models run against the internet’s native concept to connect — which, in fact, poses many challenges. The only way to get through the barrier is pay up, either with data or cash. If things go sideways, the end user suffers the most.

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