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Pegasus Coin, by Kazakhstan Horseracing Association, was one of the main sponsors of the Blockchain Innovation Forum held at the Grand Intercontinental Hotel Parnas in Seoul. The event was held on 19th July 2018 and was organized by non-profit organization, Blockchain Innovation Forum.

The event, which was jointly organized by the popular blockchain community, Amble, and Crypto Nomad, drew the attention of global IT companies as they came together and exchanged ideas on recent developments in the blockchain space.

A variety of topics were covered throughout the event such as the legislative and policy landscape of blockchain & cryptocurrency innovations, the future of the blockchain as well as the utilization of digital assets in everyday lives.

The event was well-received with over 1000 participants and was graced by the former minister of the Ministry of Government Administration and Home Affairs of South Korea.

Pegasus Coin is a revolutionary utility token that will be used within a 113-hectare Horseracing Park located in Kazakhstan. The token will also be used to facilitate the horse blockchain, a platform which will include a horse registry that enables the traceability of horse origins and other genetic information.

Pegasus Coin was an exclusive Sponsor at the Blockchain Innovation Forum and their presence provided a direct communication platform for concepts and updates on their project towards event participants and blockchain enthusiasts.

The Pegasus Coin seems to take a refreshingly different approach compared to most ICO concepts; focusing on establishing its physical usage as a first priority, unlike other cryptocurrencies that hope to attain physical utility at some point in their future roadmap.

Many in the blockchain industry await the launch of the Pegasus coin with their upcoming ICO, which is expected to begin in the 3rd Quarter 2018.

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