By CCN: Vanguard, the world’s largest provider of mutual funds, is using blockchain to power their enterprise.

The investing giant, which popularized mutual funds and exchange-traded funds (ETFs) for the common investor, has been using distributed ledger technology to manage $1.3 trillion worth of index funds, Forbes reports.

Vanguard’s Blockchain Manages More Than $1 Trillion in Assets

Since February, Vanguard has used blockchain to manage financial data for one-quarter of its assets, valued at $1.3 trillion. More than just a one-off trial, the service is operating live for millions of customer accounts.

That’s right – clients of Vanguard’s index funds have unknowingly been using a blockchain-based service throughout most of the year, and the company reports its implementation has been an overall success.

Vanguard’s implementation of blockchain, which includes the flagship $800 billion Total Stock Market Index Fund, represents one of the largest uses for distributed ledgers to date.

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