Blockchain has the potential, experts say, to be as revolutionary as the internet.

“Empires are going to be built around Blockchain,” says Nimisha Jagasia, Entrepreneur and Founder of Blockchain Jobs Platform – “There is a lot of opportunity out there right now for those looking to get into the field. I definitely see this business to grow exponentially as the technology matures.”

The number of job advertisements on the web related to blockchain quadrupled in 2017, according to Bloomberg. There is plenty of action at large, well-established companies, some of which have built private blockchain systems to boost efficiency and reduce fraudulent activity.

“Any industry where fraud is a problem, like luxury goods, pharmaceuticals, government services and food, all of those areas are looking at blockchain,” Nimisha says.

Microsoft and IBM are among the big-name corporations that have embraced this technology.

“For example, Microsoft now uses blockchain to almost instantly calculate royalties owed to publishers from its video game platform, Xbox. Their old, manual method, took 45 days. Similarly, IBM applies blockchain to help grocery companies rapidly identify the source of food-borne disease”.

IBM has 1,600 employees working on its more than 400 blockchain projects but Blockchain is such  a hot topic even companies like IBM can’t keep up with demand.

“There is a huge need for workers capable of coding smart contracts and building blockchain applications. There are also lot of jobs vacancies for people with expertise in regulations, business models and front-end and back-office development who can make blockchain tools easy for laypeople to use. But, to find developers and people who share equal knowledge and passion about the technology is rare.”

“As long as you want to learn, there’s a lot of opportunity.” she says.